Plantation Shutters | The Nordic Shutter & Blind Co.
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Plantation Shutters

Our indoor shutters will take your home to a new level.

Plantation Shutters are an engaging form of window treatment that exudes style and sophistication. They provide a sleek modern feel that will stand the test of time both aesthetically and functionally. At The Nordic we believe a home deserves superior window treatments that provide a timeless appeal that’s built to last.

Constructed with durable materials and precision craftsmanship – The Nordic’s plantation shutters are a must for those looking to elevate their home. Besides the obvious aesthetic appeal, they add value to a property and serve numerous functional advantages. From added privacy to light, temperature and ventilation control – there are so many reasons why these shutters are a must for window treatments.

The Nordic Shutter & Blind Co. use only the highest quality materials.

Linden Timber

We prefer to use linden hardwood (sometimes referred to as basswood), for our indoor timber shutters. Linden timber is a sustainable, European-sourced, light-weight hardwood boasting a straight grain… it is flexible, superior in strength, superiorly strong – creating a premium shutter with numerous benefits. Our indoor timber shutters are built solid, and not constructed with a hollow interior. It’s a timber that even the Vikings used for their shields – so you can be rest assured that our timber plantation shutters also come with The Nordic guarantee – that will protect you at all costs!

Why choose linden timber?

✔ Warp resistant and long lasting timber
✔ Greater durability – than other timber shutter types
✔ Easy to control – manipulate light, temperature and ventilation
✔ Energy efficient – improve energy efficiency and conserve heat
✔ Flame resistant
✔ Available in white or natural timber colour


A great cost effective alternative to timber shutters, aluminium plantation shutters have their own distinct advantages. With its robustness, high strength, low weight and corrosion resistant properties – aluminium plantation are a sleek and stylish alternative.

Why choose aluminium?

✔ Warp resistant
✔ Corrosion resistant
✔ Superior durability
✔ Light weight
✔ Available in Silver

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